Partner / Services

Interjacence Ventures has strategic partners for services to extend the offerings for Client needs. We are more than happy to assist you by providing the connections to those with providers we trust!

These partners offer some overlapping and also unique options for:
– Cyber-Security
– Vulnerability Scanning and Management
– Compliance and Auditing
– Top-Tier C-Suite Consulting
– Marketing


Cybersecurity Assessments

Our experience allows us to efficiently analyze our customers threat assessment, application security, and vulnerability management processes and procedures to identify what vulnerabilities exist and what’s stopping you from reaching compliance.

Network Security Architecture

Our consultants have a deep understanding of all things related to the information security domain of Threat & Vulnerability Management including cybersecurity, application security, risk, and patch management.

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

The best way to stay on top of today’s threats is to proactively review & assess your network security with measures like application and network penetration testing to find new vulnerabilities before criminals do.

Secutor Insider Direct

Navigating Complexity, Delivering Clarity in Cybersecurity

Welcome to Insider Direct, where we’ve revolutionized the cybersecurity landscape by merging expert strategy with transparent procurement. Our unique model ensures that your cybersecurity posture is both robust and cost-effective, removing the ambiguities and inefficiencies often associated with the traditional ‘value-added reseller’ experience.

Safeguard Your Business with Ease

with Fluency SIEM, the only pure streaming analytic SIEM.
Fluency Screenshots

Minimize Issues

Identify, investigate, and remediate potential issues with a streaming analytics approach and risk-prioritized alerting.

Accelerate response

Accelerate analyst workflows with documented processes for incident handling 

Stay Agile

Rapidly adapt with the comprehensive visibility you need to keep up with business innovation.

Interjacence can assist you during an incident response or regular needs assessment in usage of Fluency, to know what is happening NOW!

A SIEM that isn’t your Grandpa’s SPLUNK, requiring months to implement and configure, high costs, extensive training and maintenance!

A significant PRO is that with Fluency and its lower costs you can still use other tools for reporting, and feeding in events that are noise reduced to what matters most!